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Advertising Blimps - Signs in the Sky!

Helium advertising blimp - 14ft. RWB color advertising blimp - 14ft. - Capital Dodge logo
Advertising Blimp - 20ft. KIA logo advertising blimp-14ft. simple lettering

Advertising Blimps Make Money!
Advertising blimps are easy to use and very effective.
Instant promotions from $461.00.
Our best selling blimp is our 14 ft. blimp with artwork for $1021.00

Blimps are better than most conventional media

Blimps are better than most conventional media that are being used and that have ever been used to advertise.

Unaffordable advertising woes

The cost of living is very high today and as such, the costs of advertising are phenomenal. To advertise in media like TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc., costs nothing short of a fortune - A fortune that only big advertisers can afford. Small businesses do not have the kind of money power that it takes to advertise in conventional media such as the ones listed above.

But the bitter truth is that whether a company is big or whether it is small, it has to be noticed in order to succeed in the market and this noticeability is obtained in the form of advertising. But how does a company advertise when the costs of advertising are so high?

By using Blimps

Though it costs a fortune to advertising in conventional media, the opposite is the case with giant advertising balloons. These balloons can be purchased at a very low rate of just around $300 – as unbelievable as it may sound, it is 100% true. It really is possible to get huge ad balloons at such a low rate.

In fact, if you wish, you do not even have to buy such balloons, all you have to do is just rent them. This way it will cost you far less. This is just great if you have a small biz and you have an ad budget that is very less or almost non-existent. Making use of these huge balloons is a great way for you to give your business all the exposure that you need.

Great to fight the competition too

Also, if you are a small business owner, then you need not worry about your competition, no matter how big it may be. All you have to do to score brownies, is just advertise in your locality with a big advertising balloon. This is a great form of advertising as people always stop to look at these giant balloons. Thus you are guaranteed of getting the kind of attention that you need in order for you to run a successful biz and pull in new customers.

You will very easily be able to locate sellers of these giant inflatables by looking online. And these giant adverting balloons can very easily be launched by air blowers or helium. Passers-by are definitely going to look at the Blimps that you have set up with your ad or your logo or message on them – and this is just what you need to give your biz all the exposure that you need to fight your competitors.

Advertising Balloons and advertising blimps are used by numerous businesses. Do they really work?
The largest users of advertising balloons and advertising blimps are auto dealers, cellular phone companies, small businesses, trade shows and restaurants. Most of these businesses try to locate on busy streets and need to distinguish their store. How can they do that?

Advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables in a logical solution. Advertising balloons and advertising blimps seem to create an atmosphere of an event or other positive happening. You see advertising balloons in all shapes and sizes. Giant gorilla advertising balloons to a huge parade size helium angel advertising balloon can really put a business on the top of a person's mind.


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